Training – Industrial IoT

TitleIndustrial IoT
Key Highlights:•Understanding the key concepts of Internet of Things (IoT)
•IoT End-to-End Architecture Framework
•Introduction to sensors, types and applications
•How to build a simple IoT Network?
•Sensor Data storage in open source cloud platform
•Use of Arduino & Raspberry PI in IoT
•Understanding Python Programming for IoT applications
•Sensor Data Management on Cloud server
•Case study on Industrial IoT usecases
Duration:30 Hours in 10 weeks (3 hrs per week)
Program Structure:•Structured as: Learning IoT key concepts (15 hours) and project demos (15 Hours)
•Weekly project assignment and guidance support
•Softcopy of workshop material will be provided to all participants
Who could attend?•UG/PG students from IT/CSE/ECE/EEE can attend
•Students who are looking for career opportunities in IoT domain
Pre-requisite:•Basic Programming knowledge (preferably Python)
Program fee:Rs.2,500 per participant
•Maximum number of participants are limited to 30.
•50% of program fee to be paid as advance and the remaining 50% at the end of course.
Certificate:•Certificate will be jointly issued by Institution OR/AND Company to all participants

Program Modules

Module 1: Basics of IoT•Sensing & Actuation
•Basics of IoT Network
•Sources of IoT Data
•Communication & Networking Protocols
 1 week
Module 2: Building IoT Framework•IoT Network Elements
•Layers of IoT Architecture
•IoT Hardware Domain
•IoT Software Platforms
•IoT Deployment models
2 weeks
Module 3: Experimenting with IoT Boards•Understanding IoT Boards (Arduino/Raspberry PI)
•Configuration, Sensor integration and Connection setup using Arduino/Raspberry PI
•Programming with Arduino/Raspberry PI 
3 weeks
Module 4: Developing and Deploying
IoT using AWS Platform
•Core services of AWS IoT
•AWS IoT Registry
•AWS IoT Rules, Shadows, APIs and SDKs
•AWS IoT Greengrass
•AWS IoT Analytics
3 weeks
Module5: Understanding Key IoT usecases with design steps1 week

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