IoT in the 5G Era

5G New Radio (NR) is not just a next generation wireless network. Unlike its predecessors (3G/4G), 5G will act as an underlying connectivity fabric for realizing massive IoT, Industry 4.0 solutions, AR/VR, Cellular-V2X and many more. 5G enables ubiquitous connectivity wireless network which will converge data collection and computation with billions of smart devices.

For example, let us consider the manufacturing industry. Many manufacturers are looking for smart solutions to accelerate their business model by enabling Industry 4.0 (I4.0) solutions. They need to develop and implement an effective digital transformation strategy to adapt cyber-physical systems and autonomous systems using AI/big data analytics. The adoption of IoT offers many benefits: reducing machine downtime, predictive maintenance, product quality check and other informed chain of decision making in the product life-cycle. 

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The integration of IoT and 5G can make huge opportunities for companies to build an agile eco-system from production to sales. 5G enabled IoT platform provide tremendous opportunities for manufacturers in terms of latency, data speed, reliability and security. 5G supports ultra-reliable low latency (URLLC) of less than 1ms. The wide range of spectrum opportunities and Network slicing makes the opportunities for deploying private 5G networks.

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The fourth industrial revolution enables flexible/smart manufacturing and accelerated the path towards the agile ecosystem of customers, suppliers with the enterprise at the core. The vision Industry 4.0 will become reality by the integration of 5G and IoT technologies. 

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