5G Training Program

Title5G Technology
Key Highlights: •A quick overview of 4G evolution to 5G, similarities and differences between 4G/LTE and 5G • • •Fundamentals of 5G technology, use cases, products, and services ·Learn about 5G RAN and Core architecture
•5G Technology Enablers like mmWave, MIMO, vRAN, Edge Computing, Networks Slicing, Network Orchestration, SDN/NFV and so on
Duration: 30 Hours (2 hrs per week)
Program Structure:•Structured as: Learning 5G key concepts with real-time usecases
•Special session on ‘building 5G career path and industry opportunities’
•Softcopy of workshop material will be provided to all participants
Who could attend?•UG/PG students from ECE/Telecom background
•Students who are looking for career opportunities in telecom domain
Pre-requisite:•Fundamental knowledge in Signals & Systems, Networking and Communication theory

Course Outline

1. 3GPP Evolutions:

  • Evolutions of Telecom technologies (2G to 5G Evolution)
  • 3GPP Releases of different technologies.
  • Driving forces and evolutions under different 3GPP releases.

2. Overview of 5G Technology:

  • Overview and scope of 5G
  • Range of 5G spectrum
  • 5G use cases
  • The Challenges of 5G ·Key features of 5G technology

3. 5G Design Principles:

  • Reference Architectures
  • Dual Connectivity and Multi-connectivity Schemes
  • LTE-NR Interworking and Deployment Scenarios
  • 5G RAN, mobile core, packet core and transport 5G New Radio (NR)Cloud and virtualization in 5G  

. Overview of 5G Core Network:

  • 5G core network architecture
  • 5G Core deployment scenario
  • Network Functions and Interfaces
  • Non-Standalone Base Station Architecture ·CU-DU Split ·CP-UP separation 

5. Deploying Open RAN for 5G:

  • Open RAN Key Concepts
  • Understanding the RAN Ecosystem
  • Open RAN Architecture

6. 5G testbed platforms and tools

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